Urban Indian

Two Summers ago, I made my sister, the librarian, check out all of Sherman Alexie’s books, writings and anything that he had ever written.  She scoured the entire Alameda County Library System to track down every book.

Alexie writes about the Urban Indian experience.  From reading his novels, it inspired this project, Urban Indian.  I am an urban indian.  I am an indigenous person living amongst the sky scrapers, city and town life of the bay area, but my traditions also hold space and place here.  Urban Indians live in two worlds at the same time.  We work in offices, as teachers, musicians and hip hop artists, at the same time practicing our indigenous traditions, languages, song and dance.  Im documenting and taking portraits of people in my community.  The history of the urban indian here in the bay is so vast, where I plan to learn more and connect to elders.  I want to capture the Urban Indian in their duel stance among city people and skyscrapers.  Here are some photos:

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