Baaits Two Spirit Pow Wow San Francisco, Ca

February 3, 2018 was the annual BAAITS Two Spirit Pow Wow in San Francisco, Ca.  I had the honor of being part of the media team as an event photographer.  The Baaits pow wow is so special and sacred, that I was super nervous and anxious about photographing.  I wanted to do well and capture it in a way that when people saw the photos they would feel what I feel when I go to Baaits Pow wow.  The Grand Entry was so beautiful and moving.  As was the rest of the event.  The vendors, dancers and attendees were so warm and bright.  The weather was perfect, making for great lighting inside and out of the center.    The energy at BAAITS is like no other.  I got to meet and take photos of really beautiful people.  Here is a little background of BAAITS:

From their website:

Mission Statement

 Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.

Organizational Description

BAAITS is a community-based volunteer organization offering culturally relevant activities for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Native Americans, their families and friends. Two-Spirit refers to the commonly shared notion among many Native American tribes that some individuals naturally possessed and manifested both a masculine and feminine spiritual qualities.  American society commonly identifies Two-Spirit People as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender.

Here are some photos from the Pow Wow hope you like them:






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