Jet Set

A Photo Novela 

This Summer I shot and edited a music video with an amazing team of musicians and artists to create, Jet Set the photo Novela for a single off of Francisco y Madero‘s new album, Amor de LejosFrancisco y Madero is a music project by Jess Sylvester and Carlos Pesina Sillar.  Where they make music from the long distance, Jess who is in San Francisco, Ca and Carlos who live in Mexico.  They just came out with a new album “Amor de Lejos”, where you can listen to on or

This particular song, Jet Set, is about long-distance love.  The video is constructed entirely of  35mm stills and edited to make it look like a moving video.  The video is inspired by the 1960s film La Jetée” by Chris Marker.  We are in the last steps of editing and it will be premiering this Winter 2018.  Stay tuned.


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